Acer G276HL is entry-level monitor featuring 27 inch screen and LED backlightning. There's also Full HD resolution present giving you 1920x1080 resolution. The big screen size is also nice addition, especially for this price. Let me tell you if these features will benefit you in some way.

You can get this Acer from at least I always recommend them because they are affordable, reliable and fast. There's a reason why Amazon is the leader in E-commerce business :) Also, you'll pay nothing for the shipping if you order this TV to an US address.

Main features

As said, the screen is quite big: its size is 27 inches. It's certainly good for gamers for better gaming experience. At least personally I prefer gaming on a big screen like this. Also occasional movie watchers might find it useful. Just keep in mind it takes space. You better have some available on your table for it.

Like most of the today's monitors Acer G276HL has Full HD support. It means you can use 1920x1080 resolution. With such a high resolution you can show a lot of information on the screen at once. It's something especially image and video editors value. Also gamers might like to play with high resolution - provided their actual desktop has the adequate performance for that.

Other features

  • Big
  • Affordable
  • No HDMI support

There's 6ms response time present in the Acer. While it's not the fastest response time in the market, it's still enough. Most likely you won't notice ghosting whatever you do with this monitor. Also gamers will find it adequate without need to worry about motion lag in your games.

LED-backlighting will make this Asus give good contrast. If you've been photographing you know how increasing contrast will most likely give your photos more lively and better look. All in all, high contrast will make your image look less dull, thus contributing to the increased viewing experience.

The monitor is lacking HDMI input or output. It's too bad since many homes have devices that support HDMI, such as Sat Boxes or Xbox 360. With this Acer, you have to use the regular DVI connection. It's not very big deal but good to have in mind.


Looking at the stats and user reports Acer G276HL is great monitor. It's affordable, big and useful. I'd say it's good for any use you might come up with, provided you have enough space in your room. I still give a little minus to lack of HDMI support. That said, you can live with it. I recommend this monitor for you!

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