Apple products have always been choice for trendy and hip people. How about this Apple iMac MD095LL/A? It features powerful components which make it also valid choice for users looking for more power. Screen size of 27 inches also speaks for itself. Let's see more about this Apple.

You can get this iMac from It's actually shipped and sold by them, so you'll get free shipping (= no hidden costs) to any US location. They also promote deals and discounts from time to time over Amazon. It's hard to keep track on them on a mere review. Thus I warmly recommend you to check out their current situation.

Main features

Apple iMac MD095LL/A costs a lot. It's well over what most would consider an acceptable price. Still, you'll get fast performance. The 2.9GHz Intel Core processor won't let you down even with the most process intensive tasks. You can also easily do multi-tasking with it should you be a busy man :)

The iMac also has whopping 1TB (1000GB) hard drive space. For this price though, it's very justifiable. You can literally store tens of thousands mp3s and hundreds of movies there. For power users it offers huge space for their big projects such as images and videos. Whatever you use it for, you don't probably have to buy more space ever.

Other features

  • Very powerful
  • Big screen
  • Expensive

Apple iMac MD095LL/A features 8GB RAM. It's a lot of memory. Memory is your main concern when it comes to traditional "lag" of computer. Computers with little memory suffer from chronic lag and slowness. That is, however, not the case with this iMac. Even the process intensive tasks such as video editing and gaming run smooth with this amount of RAM.

The 27 inches LED screen is also useful for your big needs. You'll enjoy it especially when working with images & videos, watching movies and playing games. You'll also get dedicated graphics card from nVidia which is good news for gamers. Your games - even the newest ones - should run smooth with recommended settings.

The operating system is naturally Mac OS X. It's neat OS and in my opinion easier to use than Windows. For basic and power users Mac can be a good choice. For gamers though, Windows is still better bet. Even though the components of this Mac are impressive, the OS doesn't support every game.


Apple iMac MD095LL/A can be cool hipster toy or powerful workhorse. It works well for any use (save gaming, Windows is better for that). You'll also dig the stylish design of Apple products. If you have the money and want to look good and still have high performance, consider getting this one!

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