ASUS VG248QE is a newly released monitor from the famous manufacturer Asus. It's LED-lit PC monitor of 24 inches with affordable price tag. Size and price suggest you probably want to accompany your basic desktop with this monitor. Let's see more about features of this Asus.

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Main features

Being a size of 24 inches ASUS VG248QE has its advantages. It's a good all-around size for your monitor needs nowadays. It's also not huge monitor - something you value if you are short on space. I myself use 24 inches cheapish monitor and have found it great for most purposes.

That said, for gaming and movies bigger monitor is naturally more sought after. On the other hand, they also cost more. For gamers and movie people this Asus still offers 1ms response time. It will minimize the lag and ghosting, something you absolutely don't want in games and fast movies.

Other features

  • Fast response time
  • Ergonomic stand
  • Not for image editing

Being a TN (twisted nematic) monitor has also its disadvantages. You'll get the fast response time which is great for gaming and fast movies & sports. However, the colors won't be top-notch (they still look very nice). Thus this Asus might not be the best choice for professional photographers and photo editors.

The resolution of ASUS VG248QE is 1920 x 1080. Thus it's full HD and capable of showing much information on the screen. Most monitors nowadays support this resolution. High resolutions like this can be used for showing multiple pages at same time. Useful if you like multi-tasking :)

The Asus also has tilting and swiveling stand. It's useful if you want to adjust the screen for most optimal position, for example at workplace for your co-workers or friends. On top of that, there are several connections like HDMI and DisplayPort to plug this monitor to devices possibly found at your home.


Looking at the features and user reviews, it looks like they made good job manufacturing this ASUS VG248QE. It's obviously made with gamers and movie & sports viewers on mind because of fast response and refresh rates. For professional image editing, it might not be optimal though. That said, for most uses the monitor is great.

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