ASUS VN247H-P is a newly released LED monitor from the manufacturer Asus. The size, 24 inches, makes it good all-around choice to your household. The Full HD resolution is also basic yet useful feature. Rest assured picture quality will be high. Let's see how you could benefit from this monitor.

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Main features

As noted, the screen size is 24 inches. It's quite common size nowadays. And why not, since it is just fine for most needs. You are probably going to use this as PC monitor and you can place it easily to your table - it's not too big. So size-wise, 24 inches is very good solution nowadays.

The Full HD resolution is also nice addition in ASUS VN247H-P. As I said earlier, it's quite basic feature nowadays. Many monitors have it. But still, it's good to have. You'll get great picture quality which is, of course, a big plus. With this Asus you can enjoy movies and series no problem - provided the media files are high quality themselves.

Other features

  • Affordable
  • Good all-around performance
  • Not much I can think of

The response time of ASUS VN247H-P is 1ms. In other words, it's very fast. This is something especially gamers like. Especially fast games like first-person shooters sometimes suffer from this problem. Most likely, you won't notice any lag or motion blurness with those games.

There's also two HDMI inputs present in this monitor. You can plug it to your computer and to some other device, such as Blu-Ray player, at the same time. Thus you don't have to play with wires later, probably saving your time and nerves.

Something I'd like to see in ASUS VN247H-P is DisplayPort. It's a way to connect your PC to the monitor, just like HDMI. Obviously, there are some advantages on DisplayPort. Too bad with this Asus you can't use it. That said, it's not so big thing. In the future DisplayPort will probably become more and more common.


ASUS VN247H-P looks like good solution for your computer monitor needs. Also looking at the the customer reports, there are not many bad things about it. I'd suggest to buy it for your monitor needs at home or office. You can't go wront, especially with this price.

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