Asus VS278Q-P is a big PC monitor full of useful features. It's also more expensive than basic monitors, yet still on the acceptable side. The screen size of 27 inches is something especially gamers would like. There are also several connections in the monitor. Let's see how you would benefit from this Asus.

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Main features

As said above, Asus VS278Q-P has whopping 27 inches screen size. It's plenty and will be bigger than most people have. It's good especially for gamers looking for optimal gaming performance. On the other hand, big monitor also takes a lot space. If you choose this, measure your table space if the monitor actually fits there.

The Full HD 1080 will give you 1920x1080 resolution. It's excellent resolution and I happen to use it on my old BenQ monitor too. Especially those who are editing images and videos will like it, since more information can be shown on the screen at a time. It's also good for games - provided your desktop has the performance to run games on such a high resolutions.

Other features

  • High performance
  • Good connectivity
  • Casual users might want a cheaper monitor

Speaking about games, the Asus VS278Q-P comes with 1ms respons time. It's good news for gamers and fast sports watchers. You won't most likely notice any lag or motion blurness in your games or sports. Such a fast response time will give you better viewing experience overall.

There are also several connections present, such as DisplayPort and two HDMI inputs. In other words, you can connect DP or HDMI supporting device - such as your computer - to the monitor. Two HDMI devices are also connectable to the monitor at the same time. Once you connect them, you don't have to play with wires again, which in turn comes handy :)

Even though the Asus has built-in stereo speakers, they don't unsurprisingly provide so good audio. You can listen to basic melodies and tunes but don't expect a lot. Since you probably have external speakers already at your disposal, this is not big thing for you. Just keep it in mind: monitor speakers are usually of sub-par quality.


Asus VS278Q-P is a bit more expensive and bit better than many monitors reviewed here. I'd recommend it especially for gamers and power users - such as image and video editors. For casual home and office users, I'd recommend something simpler (and more affordable), such as this other Asus.

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