Canon IP7220 is compact yet affordable photo printer solution from the famous manufacturer Canon. Unlike many other Canon products it only features a printer, not scanner and copier. However it comes with cheap price and useful features such as wireless printing. Let's take a closer look at it!

I recommend buying it over if you are interested. You'll find their prices very lucrative, I promise you. Even though this printer is already on cheaper side last time I checked they had little discount on it. Why not to take look yourself and see what's the current situation.

Main features

Canon IP7220 features 9600x2400 DPI resolution. It's impressive amount and rest assured it will provide quality photos. On the other hand, any printer with such resolution will eat lots of ink. I suggest to set the DPI smaller when you are printing mere text documents. This way, you'll save ink.

There's also five individual ink tanks present. It's very good news to you. When you run out of one ink (say black), you don't have to change all the ink tanks. With some printers you have. It's obviously a trick from manufacturers to get better profit from ink sales. However, with this Canon you only have to change the ink tank that is actually empty.

Other features

  • Extremely affordable
  • Useful features, such as duplex and wireless printing
  • Not for big businesses

The Canon IP7220 prints one 4x6 borderless photo in 21 seconds. Black images are printed 15 in a minute. Color images are printed 10 in a minute. It's quite normal speed for printer of this price range. Just keep in mind if you are printing a text document, the speed will be faster.

I couldn't find the monthly duty cycle of this Canon. It represents how many pages you can print safely in month, without breaking the printer. It's a concern especially for businesses that print a lot of documents and contracts every day. Even though the number for this printer couldn't be found, I wouldn't suggest buying this for big businesses. It's better to get dedicated workhorse for them.

However, home users and small offices will enjoy the auto duplex printing. This means you can print to both sides of the paper automatically. Comes very handy if you want to save paper. There's also wireless printing present which means you can print documents from laptops connected to your home or office wireless network. No need to play with wires if you choose so.


Canon IP7220 is a valid choice for home or small business printers who enjoy printing their snapshots and vacation photos hassle-free. The printer also doesn't cost much so it's good choice for those on budget. Big businesses and serious photographers might want to look elsewhere for better quality (and more expensive) printers, though. Get it for your casual printing needs!

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