Canon MG5420 Photo Printer was released couple of months ago. Besides printer, it features scanner and copier, making it a multi-purpose tool. It also prints in color, making it choice worthy of consideration for hobby photographers. Let's dive into it and see what interesting features the Canon has to offer.

If you live in the US and are looking to buy the printer, I'd recommend checking the printer out over They'll ship it to you for free in 6-8 business days. They also had little discount on the printer last time I checked. I encourage you to take a look at the current situation now.

Main features

Like many of today's printers, Canon MG5420 prints 9600x2400 DPI quality. It's OK amount, though it's not comparable to laser printer DPI numbers. That said, you'll still get good quality to your photo prints, especially if photographing is your hobby. You don't need huge prints with razor sharp quality. This printer will deliver you fine photos to show your friends and family.

The printing speed is comparable to other printers of same price range. 15 B&W images and 10 color images are printed in minute. It's not bad amount - especially for home users. For large offices though, I'd get faster workhorse. But as noted, for home photo printers it's very acceptable speed.

Other features

  • Affordable
  • Does its job well
  • Not for big offices

Aside for photo printers, casual home printes like Canon MG5420 because of it's ease-of-use features. For example, the 3 inch touch screen will make working with the printer a breeze. Duplex printing (printing to both sides of paper) might also concern you, though it's more important feature for office users.

You can also print using Wireless connection. That means you can print from your laptops (or desktop connected to WiFi) directly. You don't have to play with annoying wires. That said, the Canon doesn't support wired Ethernet printing, so Wireless is your only option for network connectivity.

You can also print directly from memory cards, PictBridge and USB. It is obviously good news for those wanting to print photos. You can print your images straight out of camera without having them uploaded to computer first. It comes handy if you just want your vacation photos printed out fast hassle-free.


Canon MG5420 is a worthy of consideration for home & photo printing needs. It's inexpensive choice and will do its job well. For big offices I recommend something else, though. Get it for your all-in-one home printer solution and you'll mostly like be happy!

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