Canon MX392 is a little brother to Canon MX922. Like the big brother, this Canon features All-in-One solution of printer, scanner, copier and fax. Let's see if you can benefit from it in some way.

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Main features

Print resolution for color prints in Canon MX392 is 4800 x 1200 dpi. It's two times less than in the bigger Canon. However, that doesn't make big difference in my opinion. If you just print documents and your vacation snapshots you hardly see the difference. Only professional photographers might benefit from the doubled density in form of a crisper image.

The printing speed for black images is 8.7 images per minute. For color prints it's 5.0 images per minute. The MX922 is two times faster. It also costs more. If you are not in a hurry, 8.7/5.0 ipm will be just fine for you. For big office environments that's way too slow, though.

Other features

  • One of the cheapest printers around
  • No extra features

The cartridge system of Canon MX392 is called High Performance Ink Cartridges. It's neat name but sadly there's something fishy in it. You see, there are only two ink cartridges: one for black and one for multiple colors. Because all the colors live in one cartridge, what happens when you run out of just one color? Well, you have to change the whole cartridge. That is an additional, less advertised expense of a cheap printer like this.

The cost per page for black pages with Canon's own ink is currently about 5.6 cents. For color pages the cost per page is about 12.7 cents. In my opinion that's high cost in general. On the other hand, if you pay more for your printer, you can be pretty sure to get those prints out cheaper.

On the connectivity side, Canon MX392 doesn't really shine. While the big brother MX922 has wireless connection, the MX392 lacks it. That's obviously bad thing for busy offices where many wires would just be a big mess. The MX392 also lacks duplex printing which might save you some costs for using the paper more efficiently.


Canon MX392 is one of the cheapest printers around. It's also very basic printer. There are no extra features at all. Also, if you print a lot, you might realize the high printing costs associated with this printer. I'd recommend getting it if you only print now and then.

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