Canon MX922 is one of the Canon's many All-in-One photo printers. Besides printer it includes scanner, copier and fax too. Wireless printing is also enabled. All in all, the printer is full of neat sounding features. But do they really benefit you? Let me try to answer that question below.

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Main features

Like majority of the today's home photo printers, Canon MX922 outputs maximum 9600x2400 dots per inch for colors. That will give good quality for your snapshots and vacation shots. In general, it's very acceptable quality for your hobby photographer needs. Obviously professional photographers would benefit from higher DPI, but most home printers are just fine with this amount.

Canon MX922 can print 15 black images and 10 color images per minute. In my opinion that's enough for home and small office printers. You probably don't have to print many hundred pages at a time. If you are in hurry though, you must look for some high-end (expensive) office printers.

Other features

  • Useful features
  • Solutions that will save you money
  • Not much I can think of

Individual ink system is something you definitely like. You don't have to replace every ink tank when you run out of one color. That, obviously, is a money saver especially if you print a lot. Many today's printers share this feature though so it's not so unique thing. Nonetheless, you'll like it for sure.

For offices this printer offers duplex and wireless printing. Duplex printing means you can print on the both sides of paper. It can save you great deal of money if you print a lot. Also wireless printing will let you print straight from your mobile devices, such as laptops. In a busy environment like office you'll like it since you don't have to fight with numerous wires.

For ease of use there's a 3" LCD screen at your disposal. Also, they've included also scanner, copier and fax in this printer. If you need those functions you'll obviously like it. This way, you don't have to buy separate scanners or copiers later. That will of course save you a buck or two.


Canon MX922 is a solid choice for your home or small office printing needs. It's has well-balanced features for whatever you want to use it for. Only big busy offices or professional photographers might want to consider something else. For your All-in-One printing needs, I'd recommend checking out this Canon!

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