HP Pavilion G7-2320dx is an entry-level laptop released just couple of weeks ago. The core features include quad-core processor, 4GB RAM, big 17.3 screen and 640GB hard drive. Even though the HP is entry-level these things suggest it can be used for heavier tasks as well.

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Main features

HP Pavilion G7-2320dx has quad-core processor manufactured by AMD. It's quite powerful CPU allowing you to do process-intensive tasks such as image and video editing. You'll be happy with multitasking also thanks to many cores. All in all, this CPU is very valid choice as the "heart" of this laptop.

Memory-wise, it wouldn't hurt to have at least 6GB memory. I can see this laptop is also made with power users in mind. Yet it has just 4GB RAM. That said, you can still run heavy tasks with that amount. Just be sure to upgrade it later if you are serious heavy user. As a reference, I still use computer with 4GB RAM for occasional heavy use without any problems.

Other features

  • Affordable yet quite powerful
  • Big screen good for power users
  • Could have more RAM

The hard drive of 640GB is good choice for HP Pavilion G7-2320dx. It can host a lot of anything. All your movies, music, photos and other stuff go easily there. Especially basic home user will never reach the limit. Even power users will have hard time reaching it.

HP Pavilion G7-2320dx has big screen. It's whopping 17.3 inches big. It's comfortable to look, for sure. Also power users and gamers value it. On the other hand, if you like to travel, you might not like it. It takes a lot of space and is a bit heavier than most laptops. In this case, have a look at this.

Even though the screen is good for gamers, same can't be said about the graphics card. It's integrated and won't be good for serious gamers. If you like to play a lot, you might want to look for special gaming laptops. That said, the graphics card is enough for basic use, movies and series.


HP Pavilion G7-2320dx is just another affordable yet useful laptop from Hewlett Packard. It doesn't cost a lot, so it's a good choice for students or those on budget. Heavy users will also like the big screen and quad-core CPU. Only gamers won't find much joy in it. For everybody else, though, it's choice worth of consideration.

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