Lenovo ThinkCentre 3493GPU is new and affordable desktop solution from the manufacturer Lenovo. Most interesting components are Intel 3.2GHZ processor, 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive. There's also Windows 7 Professional bundled with this desktop. Let's see if it's any good use for you.

Your best bet is to get this Lenovo from Amazon.com. As usually, free shipping is included for this desktop if you order it to an US address. There might also be other discounts present. For the current information, I'd suggest you checking out Amazon.com directly.

Main features

The Intel Core 3.2GHz is good choice for home and office users. It will do its task and won't let you down. That said, it's not usually the processor that is the bottleneck in desktops. Processor-wise, you can also do power user tasks such as image and video editing with this Lenovo.

However, what might become a bottleneck for power users is the RAM. There's just 4GB memory. It wouldn't hurt to have at least 6GB of it for optimal experience. On the other hand, Lenovo ThinkCentre 3493GPU is quite cheap desktop and intended for basic home & office use. For that, the memory of 4GB is sufficient.

Other features

  • Useful, basic desktop
  • Could have more RAM

500GB hard drive is very enough for your basic needs. Again, power users might want bigger hard drive. At least if you're processing videos or huge images. Otherwise, for casual users, you can store hundreds of movies and thousands of mp3s to the hard drive. You will probably never reach the limit.

As noted, this Lenovo comes with Windows 7 Professional. It's still very viable operating system. And it works well. I've been using Win 7 for years without problems. It will also be supported at least 2 years from now on. In other words you don't have to upgrade it for long time.

While the price of Lenovo ThinkCentre 3493GPU is lucrative, just remember these cheaper desktops rarely come with monitor. So is the case with this one too. You have to buy separate monitor to use the desktop. Of course, such is the case with most desktops so it's not really disadvantage for this Lenovo only.


Lenovo ThinkCentre 3493GPU will satisfy your home and small office desktop needs. The price is not bad and it will work sufficiently for you. Lenovo is also respectable brand and from what I've heard they make quality desktops. Your best bet is to get this for casual use. Power users and gamers might want to look elsewhere.

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