There are many players in the modern HDTV field. Every manufacturer wants to be the right choice for you. So is the case with LG Electronics. They released this LG 47LM4600, a 47" Full HD television recently. The TV also supports 3D. Let me tell you if this TV is the right one for you.

As usually, sells these. If something Amazon is a reputable company. There's a reason why they are the top-selling E-Commerce player out there. Also a big factor is the price. They have competitive prices. Sometimes the lowest in market. I'd recommend you to take a peek at the current situation!

Main features

The screen size of LG 47LM4600 is 47 inches. From my point of view it's good all-around size. It's not too big for smaller rooms. It's also not too small for living room. I'd imagine only hardcore movie freaks or gamers would like a bigger TV to enhance their experience. But for most, this size is optimal.

The TV comes with the standard yet useful Full HD resolution. It's obviously good thing to have and contributes to the high image quality. That said, the difference between 720p and 1080 (Full HD) is hardly noticeable. Full HD is by no means a necessity for normal home televisions, but on the other hand it doesn't hurt to have it. Especially when prices for Full HD are nowadays low.

Other features

  • 3D fans will like it
  • High image quality
  • Not much I can think of

The LED backlighting means the TV has bright image. If you are watching the TV in bright conditions that's obviously good thing for you. Usually LED backlit TVs also have good image quality in terms of high contrast. So is the case with this LG, at least if we believe the user reports.

The refresh rate of 120hz will benefit many. It's quite high rate and it translates directly to ghosting-free image. Especially gamers and fast sports people like this. It means you'll get better viewing experience because lagless and ghostless picture. You can keep up with the fast-moving environment.

LG 47LM4600 has 3D support also. It comes with four 3D glasses. Thus you can watch your favorite 3D movies right away. The 3D is obviously good for those who like new movies made in Three D. It's not big joy if you are not movie freak, however. If you don't know what's 3D like, go to your local cinema and experience it. Personally I don't like it so much. Your mileage may vary though.


LG 47LM4600 is a new HDTV that comes with many useful features designed to make your viewing experience great. The price is on par with other TVs of the same calibre. User reports tell good things about it. I can't think about anything that is really wrong about it. For your home 3D TV needs, consider getting it!

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