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ASUS X202E-DB21T Review

Today, the biggest trend in laptops is the foreseeable shift from traditional laptops to touch-centric tablets and other amazing designs. For those looking to have a touch capability needed to make the most out of Windows 8, but aren't ready to abandon the standard laptop design, there are touch-enabled laptops, like the ASUS X202E-DB21T. Although there are many touch-laptops in...
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Samsung C410W Review

The Samsung C410W is among the rare printers in the market to support near-field communication, or commonly called NFC.With NFC, you can send a print job from any compatible smartphone or tablet, by simply tapping a device against the printer. If you have always looked for a color laser printer for basic color prints, the you can look take a...
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Samsung ML-2165W Review

If all you need is a personal mono laser that sits on your desk, then Samsung finally have it for you. The Samsung ML-2165W is a tempting choice for basic users. It offers Wi-Fi, amazing paper capacity for personal printers, reasonably high-quality text and graphics, and speeds that are slightly low, but acceptable for the price. The integrated Samsung apps...
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Lenovo C540 Review

The Lenovo C540 is the best definition of a basic all-in-one desktop designed to meet the needs of a person with multiple computing needs. It comes equipped with the latest windows operating system-Windows 8, fully equipped with an excellent 23-inch display and an energy-saving processor. If you are in the market for a powerful, and reasonably all-in-one desktop machine, here...
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Acer C710-2833 Review

The netbook isn't dead, it just got Chrome'd. With the Acer C710-2833 Chromebook, Google finally slashed the prices to undeniably less $200, while maintaining the netbook-esque design, while at the same time infusing it with the web-centric Chrome operating system. If you are looking for portability and performance as well as affordability, then the Chromebook is for you....
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