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VIZIO M401i Review

The VIZIO M401i is yet again another great product by Vizio to hit the market. Just like its predecessors, the [a]VIZIO M401i[/a] is a very good big-screen HDTV for a reasonable price. While the VIZIO M471i proved that you can get a solid 40-inch screen for under a grand, the VIZIO M401i proves that you can have great home entertainment...
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HP DeskJet 1010 Review

The [a]HP DeskJet 1010[/a] touches all the right bases for a personal desk-jet printer. It is small and light, fast, and it delivers reasonably quality output across the board. On prices, it is less expensive than HP's latest generation printers, but it still remains a strong competitor among personal printers...
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Samsung SL-M2825DW Review

No color, but the Samsung M2825DW basically delivers good speeds and great output quality. It also has good paper handling capacity. What makes it more amazing is the price, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, including wi-Fi direct, along with support for mobile printing. Being a lesser sibling in the popular Samsung printer family, used as shared printer in a micro office won't...
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Dell Inspiron 660s Review

The Dell Inspiron 660s is an adequate desktop PC, with extraordinary sets of input ports. It is part of the popular Dell Inspiron series, which features stable, all-purpose use systems. The [a]Inspiron 660s[/a] is designed for durability and fulfilling basic computer needs. Being a tower-only system, it is made more appealing by the small compact design for user mobility....
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ViewSonic VA2246M Review

It is a great feeling when you can get a capable device at a not-so-capable price. The [a]ViewSonic VA2246M[/a] is one of the most popular monitors, with an amazing array of features. ViewSonic being a solid monitor company, much of that interest stems from the fact that it is a 22-inch LED lit monitor. The features and design make this...
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