RCA LED55C55R120Q is new High Definition TV of 55 inches from the manufacturer RCA. Aside from being big it features the standard Full HD resolution. There's also 120hz refresh rate and LED backlighting present. Read on to see if these features can benefit you in some way.

If you want to buy this TV, I'd suggest getting it from Amazon.com. They had small discount on this last time I checked. They also ship it free to your location (should you order it within the US). Other offers or promotions may also apply. Why not to take a look yourself right away!

Main features

As noted, RCA LED55C55R120Q screen size is 55 inches. In my opinion it's very big TV. It's most suitable for your primary TV needs. Also, avid gamers and movie people will benefit from the big size. It brings more enjoyable viewing experience. Just make sure you have room for it to avoid unfortunate situations.

The Full HD resolution is standard in nowaday's televisions. As such, this RCA has 1080 Full HD too. You'll get clear and high picture quality. Also, looking at user reports, people who bought this have been happy with the picture. That said, other televisions with Full HD (there are many) will probably have the same quality too.

Other features

  • Big yet affordable
  • Might not fit to every home

The refresh rate of 120hz will benefit especially sports people and gamers. If you've ever experienced motion blurness in your image, you know what I'm talking about. But with such high refresh rate there probably won't be any blurness present. Still, some people said that they experienced lag when gaming. That might be because of a faulty TV they've received, though.

LED backlighting is something you'll probably like. It gives good contrast to your image. It's obviously a valuable feature. Especially if you've been to photography you know how better contrast will make the photo more lively and real. Such is the case with LED backlit televisions.

RCA LED55C55R120Q has 2 HDMI connections. It means you can connect two HD supporting devices to the TV at same time. You might have HD Sat Box or Xbox 360 in your home. Those will use the RCA's HDMI connection. There's also VGA input. Thus you can connect your computer to the TV and use it as your monitor.


RCA LED55C55R120Q looks like great HDTV. Especially considering the price, you'll get very good bang for your buck if you get this one. Also most user reports tell it's good choice for you. I'd recommend it as your primary TV due to the big size.

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