Sony KDL-40R450A is new 40 incher from the reputable TV manufacturer Sony. The usual stuff like Full HD resolution and LED backlighting are featured in this HDTV. As a 40 inch big it's also good choice for many occasions. Let me tell you more about its uses and how it could benefit you.

You can get these Sonys at least from Last time I checked they offered low price guarantee on this TV. So you probably won't find it cheaper elsewhere. Also, free shipping is guaranteed so you won't be paying anything for the delivery. You might want to take a look at the latest prices over their website.

Main features

A Full HD television has its uses nowadays. As high resolution contributes to high picture quality, it's definitely a good choice. It's not necessary on small screens, though, since the little screen is not enough to benefit from increased resolution. However, on 40 inches TV the HD is justified choice.

LED backlit TV like Sony KDL-40R450A is your choice if you like/have to watch it in bright environments. For example, if it's always sunny in your place. LED screens also should have good contrast. That means colors of the image won't look dull but lively. It's definitely a good thing and personally I value high contrast a lot.

Other features

  • Useful features
  • Good image quality
  • Not much I can think of

Like many modern HDTVs this Sony has refresh rate of 120hz. It's good news for those who want to watch fast moving things, like sports, from TV. There won't be motion blurring present which you'll obviously like. Also console gamers will like this as many games are no doubt fast. As said, 120hz refresh rate is found in many TVs so it's not unique to this Sony. Nonetheless, it's something you won't regret having.

You'll get 4 HDMI inputs on Sony KDL-40R450A. 2 of them actually are for HDMI devices like gaming consoles or blu-ray players. One of the HD inputs lets you plug your PC and use this TV as your computer monitor. All in all, 4 HD connections are plenty and you probably don't need more.

There are also useful connections present on this Sony. You'll get smartphone link which lets you see the contents of your smartphone on the screen via cable. There's also the usual but handy USB connection to plug your USB stick and watch whatever you have on the stick on the big screen.


Sony KDL-40R450A is solid piece of modern HDTV technology. At this price, it's also good choice for those on budget wanting a quality TV. The 40" screen is also good for many uses. Only if you'd like to build a great home theater you should look for a bigger screen. For most users, though, I'd recommend getting this Sony.

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