Sony SVE15135CXW is one of the numerous laptops made by the electronics megacompany Sony. It features rather powerful specs and some useful extras that contribute to the usability of this laptop. Let's see if they are any good and whether you can benefit from them in some way.

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Main features

The specs of Sony SVE15135CXW suggest you might use it even for resource intensive tasks. The Core i5 processor is dual core processor with 2.6GHz clock rate. Using it for multitasking and heavy stuff is, in my opinion, peace of cake. Not to mention about basic home use for which the CPU will be more than enough.

The RAM amount of 6GB is plenty for a laptop. Again, it will be very suitable for casual users and power users alike. Running several processes won't freeze the laptop. Also, the 1TB (1000GB) hard drive is huge. If you are not into very big files, you won't ever reach the limit with such a big hard drive.

Other features

  • Looks cool
  • Rather powerful
  • Short battery life

The new Windows 8 is pre-installed on the laptop. While it's new and bit different than older Windowses I'd recommend starting using it now. It will be the new standard Windows soon enough. Also, it will be supported for long time in the future. Thus you don't have to worry about upgrading it for years to come.

As they say on the ad text, "integrated graphics solution for everyday computing". That's a nice way to say the graphics card of Sony SVE15135CXW isn't top notch. You can use it for basic use, even for some Photoshopping, but it's not your gaming choice. Look for a laptop with faster graphics card if gaming is what you desire.

While the Vaio looks nice and has power, it doesn't have great battery life. The battery life is about 2.5 hours. I consider that rather poor achievement. Well, Vaios have never been known for their battery life. It's always been more about their looks and feel. Such is the case with this Vaio as well.


Sony SVE15135CXW is another cool and trendy laptop solution from Sony. It's also quite powerful - yet not powerful enough for gaming. Short battery life somewhat limits its use. I'd recommend it for somebody who wants good looking and rather powerful portable computer without paying an arm and leg.

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