Sony VAIO SVJ20217CXW is new addition to Sony's line of luxus VAIO computers. They are powerful and they look extremely cool. They also cost a lot. This one has performance that a real heavy user might seek. Let's see what this Sony is made of, and how you might benefit from it.

If you are already in the buying mood, I'd say is the way to go. Especially if you are in the US. You'll pay nothing for shipping. They also have very competitive prices over Some even say they're the lowest. I recommend you to check out the current situation right away.

Main features

The most interesting feature about the Sony VAIO SVJ20217CXW is the touchscreen. You can operate it with your touch. It's about your preferences if you dig it. For many, it's an aesthetic choice. It might also prevent repetitive strain injury. There are good sides there indeed, yet you can still use the good old mouse and keyboard set if you feel so.

The core performance comes from 1.9GHz Intel CPU, 8GB RAM and 1000GB hard drive space. It is powerful desktop and you can easily use it for heavy tasks, incuding Photoshopping and video editing. Thousands of movies or mp3s can also be stored to the VAIO.

Other features

  • Powerful
  • Full of useful features
  • Quite expensive

What I wouldn't recommend doing with it is serious gaming. The integrated graphics card isn't your best choice for that. However, older games will still run OK with Sony VAIO SVJ20217CXW. And Sony VAIOs screens have always been of high quality. I'd say such is the case with this desktop too.

The operating system is new Windows 8. It's becoming a norm in new computers. I'd say it's good choice for you - especially with this computer because many say Windows 8 is exceptionally good for touchscreens. You don't also have to worry about upgrading it for years.

They've already made the desktop cordless. It is actually quite close to laptop. You can pick it up and bring it anywhere, thanks to the built-in battery. It comes handy if you like to move it from office to couch, for example. Or to backyard when taking sunbaths and wanting to chat with your friends at the same time.


Like all the VAIOs, the Sony VAIO SVJ20217CXW is fast, elegant and pricey. Excluding serious gaming, you can do pretty much everything with it. Be it home, office or business you'll find use for it. That said, if you got the money. If you are looking for cheaper basic desktop, I'd recommend something else.

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