Powerful laptops like Toshiba Satellite S875-S7136 have their uses. They are good if you want bit more performance than what basic home laptop has to offer. Power laptops also tend to have bigger screens, like 17" in this Toshiba. Let's see what other features it possesses.

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Main features

Toshiba Satellite S875-S7136 has Intel dual core 3.2GHz processor. It's not the fastest CPU out there yet still able to handle some multi-tasking and power tasks easily. If you are looking for true power laptop, having more cores would be ideal although such laptops tend to cost more.

As the majority of other laptops in this price range, this Toshiba boasts 6GB RAM. It's more than enough for basic use, OK amount for gaming and mostly fine for power use. I sometimes edit images with Photoshop and play games like World of Warcraft with 4GB RAM without any problems.

Other features

  • Good all-around performance
  • Big screen suitable for power users
  • Not for gamers or travelers

Other core specs include quite big 750GB hard drive. Even if you edit huge files every day you'll have hard time reaching the limit. So for most users this hard drive is definitely enough. There is also HDMI output present allowing you to use your big TV to watch high quality movies and series from your laptop. Movie freaks will obviously like that.

Core specs are fine but this laptop lacks something. It's the graphics performance. With the integrated Intel HD graphics you'll have hard time playing the latest games. However, basic users and even power users shouldn't be so concerned about the average graphics card. It's mainly a concern for those who want to play latest games with high settings. Sadly, this laptop isn't ideal for hardcore gaming.

The 17.3" screen with 1600x900 resolution will yield acceptable image. At least the screen is big and gives you some extra space to work with stuff like image or 3D editing. The downside is the weight and size. At 17.3" and 6.3 pounds it's not the most mobile laptop. You'll have hard time carrying it around if you travel a lot.


I don't see anything terribly wrong with Toshiba Satellite S875-S7136. The performane is above basic home laptop. The current price is on par with other laptops of the same calibre. If you are looking for big and quite powerful laptop, this might be it. Check it out if you're interested!

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