VIZIO E420i-A1 is new High Definition TV from the California manufacturer Vizio. Its size is 42 inches and the resolution is 1080p Full HD. These things suggest it's good choice for your primary TV. That said, it can also work as additional TV for smaller rooms. Let's see what it can offer you.

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Main features

As noted, the size of the TV is 42 inches. In my opinion it's just enough for your living room TV needs. It can also be put to smaller rooms if space is not a problem. For specialized needs like movie or games freaks I'd recommend a TV more than 50 inches for optimized viewing experience though.

The Full HD resolution is obviously great feature to have. It's norm in today's televisions, yes, but it won't hurt. You'll be sure to have great image quality when watching VIZIO E420i-A1. Couple it with LED backlighting and you'll get lively colors and high contrast.

Other features

  • Great bang for buck
  • Internet apps for easy movie & series downloads
  • No PC connection

The 120hz refresh rate is something especially sports and games people like. It's quite much and will prevent motion blurness and lag from fast moving objects. It's nice to see a TV so affordable has this good refresh rate. I guess they know at VIZIO what you are looking for in a TV :)

Do you have HD devices, such as Sat box, XBox 360 or Blu-Ray players at your disposal? No problem, you can plug them in easily to this TV through the HDMI connection. There are actually 3 HDMI inputs present which is plenty for such cheap TV. Those 3 ports are probably very enough for you.

In addition, there are also Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections in VIZIO E420i-A1. This means you can connect the TV to to your home network and Internet easily. After that, you can go to VIZIO Internet Apps to download movies, TV shows and stuff. Just remember they usually cost. All in all, the Internet Apps is still nice addition.


VIZIO E420i-A1 is very solid solution for your television needs. The size, image quality and useful features are in good balance. You can use this TV for basically any purpose, be it casual viewing, sports, movies or games. With this price I truly recommend it to you!

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