The VIZIO M601d is the latest 60-inch HDTV to hit the market, in Vizio's M Series for 2013/2014. Its entry sets the HDTV standards higher than ever-experienced with cutting-edge features, but at a budget price. The VIZIO M601d gives you passive 3D, Smart TV features, a 240Hz refresh rate, all packed in a single sleek design. The picture saturation and performance gives you a great deal for every coin you pay for this LED TV.

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Main features

The VIZIO M601d produces impressive pictures for its price, with excellent shadow detail and fairly deep blacks. This makes it worth the extra money over Vizio's entry-level E-Series for more-natural image quality. It also offers local dimming for a price commonly known for non-dimming sets, and this isn't something to scoff at. This means that your entertainment is redefined at every angle and inch of viewing. It also features Vizio Internet Apps Plus, with hundreds of features for a virtually limitless world of best streaming content.

Meanwhile, color performance is yet another feature worth mentioning in this unit. The VIZIO M601d displays a full, rich color palette. As an LED-backlit TV, it certainly performs well for the money you pay for it as compared to other units of the same size and specifications. For instance, the Panasonic ST60 offers relatively similar features, but the prices set it far much apart.

Other features

  • Passive 3D quality
  • Price, features and options
  • Off center contrast
  • No control buttons on side of TV

For many years, Vizio's television designs have lagged behind its competitors, whether looking simply ruddy-duddy, or at their worst, being quite cheap. The VIZIO M601d breaks the jig, by featuring a striking design, with a bezel as thin as a smartphone. The ends have a perfect finish, with a brushed-aluminium cap, creating a very tasty effect. Particularly, you will love the Vizio logo tab on the right side, which looks like it is straight out of your browser's window.

As the computer comparisons continue, the VIZIO M601d is not spared either. With its monitor like, non swiveling stand, this television looks more like a computer, than one of Vizio's own all-in-one PCs. This is perfectly complemented by an updated remote control, which now features backlighting. However, the only way to activate the backlighting function, is simply by pressing any button, blindly in the dark...there is no dedicated "light" button.

The VIZIO M601d is a stylish 60-Inch Razor LED Smart TV with Theater 3D crafted to redefine your entertainment experience. Unlike competing units in the same price range, the M601d features a bezel that is barely there, made better by subtle design elements. The VIZIO M601d's stand will really impress you with the fit and finish right out of the box.


At a price of $400 less than the 65 inch model above it, the VIZIO M601d turns out to be an excellent deal for a TV in the 60-inch size class. With passive 3D features, Vizio Internet Apps Plus, edge-to-edge LED backlighting technology makes this TV amazing. The VIZIO M601d has all the modern day features you need in a TV, and I recommend you check it out!

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