Protecting Private, Confidential and Sensitive, Information from Leakage

Protecting Private, Confidential and Sensitive, Information from Leakage

Smart gadgets and online connectivity are highly relied upon due to the constant technological advancements across the globe. With the current pandemic that began two years ago, many people now use digital platforms to conduct their transactions. These transactions may include purchasing goods, selling products, and running a business.

Information is shared between people to people, businesses to people, business to people, and vice versa. These data are classified as confidential, private, or sensitive and should be protected with the likes of Whatsapp call recording with care to prevent leakage or suspicious use.

Data breaches are more common today because hackers are tech-savvy than ever. This means that stricter security measures must be in place to prevent or minimize damage.

What is information leakage?

Data leakage refers to the unauthorized sharing of personal information within an organization to an outside destination or recipient. It can either be done via physical or digital transfer. The latter is more dangerous because hackers can break through digital security systems and countermeasures. While digital leakage is most commonly done via email and the web, it can also happen in mobile data storage such as optical media and flash drives keys or laptops.

Information leakage can not only cause damage to a company or the individual who obtained the private data but also to any other parties involved in the transaction. Today, common cases involve sharing shipping addresses that are visible and seen through parcel waybills. These parcel waybills were not properly disposed of or erased. Scammers can send items that a victim has never purchased and force them to pay, even though they don’t know the source. This kind of scamming is commonplace.

This is why customers and companies protect their private information from being leaked. Data leakage prevention like capture voice calls is vital in today’s digital age, where nearly everyone depends on online and digital transactions.

To learn more about protecting private, confidential and sensitive information from leakage, you can read this infographic from TeleMessage.