Unleash your inner trainer – Maximizing your pokemon experience

Unleash your inner trainer – Maximizing your pokemon experience

Ready to embark on your journey as the ultimate Pokémon trainer? In Pokémon GO, you step into a world where digital creatures wander the real-world streets, and excitement lurks at every turn. Whether you’re an experienced player or a newcomer, numerous avenues await to elevate your Pokémon adventure.

Building your dream team

The key to success in Pokemon GO is assembling a well-rounded team of powerful Pokemon.

  1. Diversify your types – Make sure your team includes a variety of Pokemon types, such as Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, and more. A diverse team allows you to counter different kinds of opponents in battles effectively.
  2. Evolve wisely – Evolving Pokemon requires candy, which can be obtained by catching duplicates or transferring unwanted Pokemon to Professor Willow. Plan your evolutions carefully and prioritize evolving Pokemon with high base stats and valuable movements.
  3. Power up strategically – Powering up your Pokemon increases their Combat Power (CP) and strengthens them in battles. Focus on powering up your most valuable Pokemon, especially those that perform well in Gym battles and Raids.

Mastering the art of catching

Catching Pokemon is a fundamental part of the game, and mastering the art of throwing Poke Balls makes a huge difference. Here are some tips to improve your catch rate:

  • Practice your throw – Take time to learn the timing and technique of throwing Poke Balls. Aim for the centre of the coloured circle that appears when you hold down the Poke Ball. The smaller the circle, the higher the catch rate if you hit it.
  • Use berries wisely – Feeding berries to wild Pokemon can increase your chances of catching them. Razz Berries make Pokemon more accessible to see, while Nanab Berries calm them down, making it easier to land accurate throws. Pinap Berries double the candy you receive upon a successful catch.
  • Catch everything – Be bold about which Pokemon you catch. Catching common Pokemon like Pidgey and Weedle is a great way to earn XP and Stardust, which are essential for levelling up and powering up your Pokemon.

Levelling up faster

  • Lucky eggs – Lucky Eggs are consumable items that double your XP gains for 30 minutes. Use them strategically during activities that grant high XP, such as evolving pokémon go accounts for sale, hatching eggs, or participating in Raids.
  • Friendship bonuses – Interacting with friends in the game, such as sending gifts or battling together in Raids, increases your friendship level. Higher friendship levels grant bonus XP for actions like catching Pokemon or participating in Gym battles when you’re near your friends.
  • Participate in events – Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, regularly hosts in-game events that offer increased XP gains, bonus Stardust, and special Pokemon spawns.

Dominating in battles

  1. Type advantages – Familiarize yourself with Pokemon-type matchups. Each type has strengths and weaknesses that differ from those of other types. For example, Water-type Pokemon are strong against Fire-type Pokemon but weak against Grass-type Pokemon. Use this knowledge to choose the most effective Pokemon for each battle.
  2. Dodge and charge attacks – You swipe left or right to dodge incoming attacks during battles. Dodging at the right time significantly reduces the damage your Pokemon takes. Each Pokemon has a powerful Charge Attack used strategically to damage opponents.
  3. Participate in raids – Raid Battles are timed events that appear at Gyms, featuring powerful Raid Boss Pokemon. Join forces with other trainers to defeat the Raid Boss and earn a chance to catch a rare or legendary Pokemon. Participating in Raids rewards you with valuable items and helps improve your battling skills.