What’s Content Marketing And Is It The Right Strategy

What’s Content Marketing And Is It The Right Strategy

Content marketing is not just Facebook, blogs, viral YouTube videos, or Instagram, it is beyond the World Wide Web. According to a dictionary, ‘Content marketing means a strategic approach focused on creating and sharing interesting, valuable and relevant content consistently to attract and engage the target audience. Ultimately, influence the potential customer into a paid one.

Overview of content marketing

It is a long-term strategy concentrated on building a robust relationship with the target audience by offering high-quality relevant content consistently. Ultimately, the target customer makes a purchase decision and they always stay loyal to your brand despite competitors’ options. Content marketing reveals to your potential customers that you genuinely care about them.

Strategize content marketing

Active Marketing helps businesses plan a solid content marketing strategy that can help to achieve goals and increase sales. There are countless content marketing strategies existing today. Even in the past, marketers could play with ad words, images, placement, and CTA.

Today there are multiple content marketing methods available, so the strategies have increased, for example, the ‘3D content Model’. It includes 3 steps –

  1. Map pain points to write content.
  2. Use the right content type to resolve the issue.
  3. Map content to potential buyers who experience this issue.

Here the marketer is not concentrating on selling their products or services but is trying to reach the target buyer. So remember to create content for your target audience, which means your brand will be able to grab the attention of the right people.

Is content marketing right?

A lot of businesses have been using content marketing for ages but is it appropriate for your business. Content marketing can be good for brands because it is cost-effective, increases sales, connects with quality customers with more brand loyalty, and positions your brand as an authoritative figure in your industry.

Quality content is a part of every marketing form without which marketing is impossible.

  • Social media marketing – Content creation and distribution strategies are created before planning the social media strategy.
  • PR – An effective PR strategy addresses target customers’ issues and not a business pitch.
  • SEO – Search engines like Google adores brands that post quality and relevant content consistently. It rewards them while indexing.
  • PPC – For pay-per-click ad campaigns, the marketers have to create appealing content that compels potential buyers to click on the advertisement.
  • Inbound marketing – An inbound marketer delivers content that helps buyers buy something. Content speaks about your product, services, brands, and consistently stimulates trust in target readers.

You can see how content is the main vehicle for marketers to attain their goals whether it is to educate the audience, deliver information to prospects or make a sale. Content represents the experience marketers distribute among potential and existing customers.

Content marketing benefits can be –

  • Tangible – acquiring & retaining web traffic, enhanced search visibility, and directly explaining brand’s value proposition
  • Intangible – Strong brand awareness, trust & authority, positive interactions, and team coordination.

Content marketing is a rewarding attempt for brands that are eager to make smart content decisions, capable to monitor content performance, making changes if needed and resilience to stick long-term to reap the rewards.