What is SAP MES system? What is it for anyway? How it is beneficial?

What is SAP MES system? What is it for anyway? How it is beneficial?

The name comes from a German multinational founded in 1972 by former IBM employees. Since then, on behalf of this world-renowned company, SAP services have worked in virtually in every area of ​​business administration. The development was so accelerated that it became the fifth largest global company and leader in ERP software.

What is SAP?

The SAP MES System is a computer system that allows companies to manage their human resources, production logistics, etc. The SAP solution is related to ERP key figures. It is an automation information system to manage different actions of a company, especially those related to production, logistics, stock, shipments and accounting. Its services stand out for covering, in addition, the administrative overview of its clients and providing the necessary tools.

What is SAP MES for any way?

SAP MES System is a computer system that serves to provide information. Based on data and analyzing everything, the system provider produces the information necessary to make decisions. Those who use them can interpret it. The list of industries that SAP MES serves is very broad and it has grown disproportionately.

Because SAP MES Systeme is so broad in the private and public sectors, we would need more than one post to explain the different areas in which it is applied. So let us look at some of the most important and innovative Tasks. For Example

  • Raw materials, mining and agriculture
  • Gas and Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Metallurgy
  • Pharmacist
  • Building materials, clay and glass
  • Heavy construction
  • Services
  • Consulting and software
  • Sanatoriums and hospitals
  • Public sector

Who uses SAP MES systems?

Production managers, plant managers, use best SAP MES provider so that they can get a complete overview of the process, for example, production planning and monitoring the execution as well as to detect potential problems. The information generated by SAP MES software will also provide valuable information to the manufacturer in order to make better business decisions.

The employees of the manufacturing plant using this type of SAP MES software to meet production orders, continue their work schedules, assign resources to the workstation and alert production managers when it detects any comparison or problems. In terms of consulting sectors, several industries benefit from the control and monitoring functions of MES systems. We mention several key figures such as the chemical, manufacturing, energy, food and paper industries, among others, that use this definition to integrate them with their production processes.

SAP MES features and functionalities

Production planning

Order and sequence the workload function of each machine / line. Locate the tasks of each machine and optimize plant process Execution. Both the ability to plan and adjust later will increase productivity.

Management of work orders

By better flow manufactoring production, you can better manage work orders. Employees thus have useful information easily accessible.

Maintenance and repair

Establish a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for machines, tools, ancillary equipment, gauges, and more, eliminating scheduling conflicts and unexpected downtime.

Traceability management

MES controls the traceability of Flow Manufactoring processes to improve the quality of all internal activities. Graphically analyze all the phases that each process goes through in real time. Easily view item locations, production orders, and machines. To identify the finished product, use a gun to read the barcodes and labels.

Quality control

Determine the quality integration to be met by your products. It keeps an exhaustive control of the production processes, as well as the defective units. Manufacturing Execution Systeme keeps a total control of the quality of the production plants, units, batches and action of the operators.

Document management

SAP MES Systems document the information electronically. You will be able to instantly have the documents related to the production process and manage them from a single place.

Key performance indicators

With an ERP MES program, a manufacturer has the ability to collect team effectiveness data, established performance comparison indicators to help make informed and efficient decisions that act on the root of problems.

In the end

One of the Tasks of SAP Solution is its simplicity in use. As a system that does not need a lot of technical knowledge, it facilitates the employee to become more familiar with the system. Another advantage of MES System is its flexibility, which allows companies to create rules in the SAP MES System. It makes it possible to channel possible failures and errors. In companies, you can decide which employees have access to the Definition handled by the SAP MES System.

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