The Need For Trusted Age Verification For Cannabis Sales

The sale of cannabis for recreational purposes is legal in various states like Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Arizona, and Montana. Local governments enforce licensing requirements and dispensation restrictions to manage the distribution and use. Authorized dispensaries are supervised and regulated to limit who can use and how much marijuana they can have. 

For example, only adults over 21 can buy and possess up to an ounce of cannabis in Washington. Dispensaries caught selling to underage individuals and in quantity more than the maximum allowed will be subject to fines or jail time. 

Preventing sale to underage individuals is commonly easy in physical establishments. Buyers simply have to present their identity cards to prove that they are of legal age. However, this method can be unreliable when selling online. Checking the authenticity of an ID through a photo without the right technology can delude the dispensary into releasing cannabis to a minor with a fake ID.

Fortunately, dispensaries with online platforms can now rely on modern identity verification solutions to comply with the regulations. Proof™ by authID employs automated document authentication that runs the customer’s ID through government registries to determine its genuineness. It also executes a mobile facial biometric verification to check that the buyer is who they claim to be and not fraudsters. 

The technology is an ideal replacement for conventional age-check methods. Identity verification solutions also improve user experience since they can complete the process through mobile devices. It can confirm the buyer’s age quickly and without hassle.

Incorporating solutions like Proof™ strengthens the company’s compliance with cannabis laws. Additionally, implementing reasonable precautions is evidence of due diligence. This means that the dispensary has a defense against indictments if they receive one. 

Incorporate the right technology in selling cannabis online. Learn more about the need for a reliable age verification solution for dispensaries in an infographic by authID.

The Need for Trusted Age Verification For Cannabis Sales