What to Consider When Investing in Industrial Barcode Printers

What to Consider When Investing in Industrial Barcode Printers

If your business relies on barcode labels and tags, you must invest in high-quality barcode printers. Barcode printers allow for easier tracking of stock levels as well as minimize losses and shrinks. Barcoding decreases the chances of human error in the warehouse. Also, it can minimize labor costs by letting managers know the exact location of an item in storage at any given time. 

Because barcode tracking is an important component of inventory management, it is important to choose TSC industrial barcode printers for your operation. Read to know what to consider when picking an industrial barcode printer for your warehouse:


Time is an important business resource that you constantly use; however, it can be saved by investing in printers made to be easily set up. Ensure the printer can be easily connected to a mobile device. There must be a setup application to guide users through printer configuration without requiring technical or special knowledge. 

Ease of Use

 A printer that is easy to use and user-friendly minimizes frustration and downtime. When buying barcode printers, find those that use color-coded touchpoints and have diagrams inside. With these features, even a novice user can easily understand how to load the media or ribbon.

Consider components like media sensors and printhead pressure toggles. They need to be designed to simplify operations. Additionally, ask if the product comes with videos or support to help resolve errors that can be encountered.

Device Management

Printers that can be monitored over the web can be remotely upgraded, which can save time. Also, remote access provides immediate insight into how the printer is performing, ensuring greater uptime. 

Remember the cloud. Ask the supplier if the printer provides an encrypted, cloud connection. This makes sure the machine can securely connect to applications that run in the cloud, allowing for maximum convenience.

Dependability and Support

Look for an industrial barcode printer that is made to withstand cold, heat, dust, dirt, and moisture. Also, consider the accessibility of service and support. Find printers that come with huge, global support organizations. Should technical problems be encountered, you need assistance in dealing with them. Because of the expected volume your printers will output, they may require parts replacement like the platen rollers and printheads. 

Future Versatility

Due to the constant evolution of technology, printers are expected to also evolve. These days, barcode labels are popular. But RFID has become a necessity. Consider investing in printers made to adjust. They must allow for the addition of new capabilities without too many hassles. Buy printers that have media handling options that you can install in the field.