DIY To Hosting To Avoid Footprint 

DIY To Hosting To Avoid Footprint 

You may wonder if PNB hosting is legitimate or not, straightforward answer it is not illegal. The only pertinent question is does it work in SEO or not. Google has prescribed guidelines with certain filters and algorithms to prevent easy way of SEO abuse. The MNC is in serious business and does not want any website to rank in the search engine for free. With current filters, much ambiguity has been cleared and prevents easy cheats. To get the optimal result in PBN, you have to be smarter and more vigilant about your footprint. There are numerous factors that cause a PBN footprint. 

Other factors 

PBN Kings Cheap Hosting takes care to avoid any footprint. Though PBN hosting is the prime reason, there are other factors that people are not aware of or have a misconception about. The service provider does not wipe out every footprint. Trying to eliminate every footprint means creating a new one. Apart from hosting, content can create a significant footprint. An identical style of writing and format could cause it. Do not write in the same style for each blog. In some, use the first person in others, the third person. Blogs use a different assortment of image galleries, videos, and media to give an authentic feel. 

Avoid spun contents 

Do not upload spun content in blogs if it is used five times. You can use content twice, once from the homepage and once from the inner page, as content is a significant factor for footprint. Do not ignore this aspect.

Use different templates 

Templates and the style of the website are other factors for footprint. Use different themes and templates for different blogs. But it must appear like a money site, not like a blog site. Avoid blog formats and build them like regular websites. The niche of the site intended to link and the linking site should be the same. The product/service of the money site and the pages that are to be connected must be identical. The homepage of the PBN should display a good amount of authentic, immersive content. There must be symmetry between the overall PBN content and the topic that is going to be linked to. Change the overall feel of the webpage, insert sidebars in some and avert in others. Some web pages incorporate heading. In others, insert footer menus. Use varied templates, keeping them simple and sensible. 

Mobile friendly 

Ensure the PBN site is mobile-friendly. The content and templates must be seamless on handheld devices; else, it could affect the ranking. Track the ranking of your PBN sites regularly. Simply Google it. The new Meta titles must be displayed. While buying an expired domain, make sure it is not penalized. In this scenario, sign up for a GW/MT account that is not connected to any other site and use it for once. If the site has attracted manual action previously, then shift the whole site to another domain.

Next-generation CDN

PBN Kings Cheap Hosting sets up a fast, secure cloud hosting for your private blog networks. Instead of using outdated c-class IP hosting, they apply next-generation CDN PBN hosting. Your PBNs are securely masked in the safest vicinity of clean IPs.