How to Turn Your Kitchen into a Smart One

How to Turn Your Kitchen into a Smart One


Turning your ordinary home into a smart one is now easier than ever. Smart devices have been made available to the domestic user over the past few years, and are surprisingly not as expensive as you must have thought they would be. That is why you would find that shifting to a smarter lifestyle is a quick move, and one that a lot of Americans have managed to do so.

Though people tend to install smart devices all around the place, like a smart thermostat, smart lights in the yard, smart door locks on the front and back doors of their home – you get it. But what’s to say you can only make use of smart devices around the entire home instead of focusing on one space? So just like you can turn your basement into a chill area where your friends can come hang out, likewise you can turn your kitchen into a smart kitchen if not the whole house itself.

What good would a smart kitchen be? For those that love experimenting with foods and spend a lot of their time of the day in the kitchen, a smart kitchen would be a dream! Imagine having voice enabled control over things and remote control access to devices. In order to turn your kitchen into a smart one, you don’t need reconstruction or anything of the sort. Instead, here are some smart devices that are easy to install and fit right into your existing kitchen space.

Replace the Ceiling Fan with a Smart Fan

Ceiling fans have also become smarter, just like everything else. There are those that can be controlled via a remote control, and then those that connect to your smartphones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The ones that connect to our smartphones can be controlled from the mobile app specific to the smart fan, as well as voice enabled control. So if you’ve got your hands busy, you can just call out to your voice assistant to turn the fan down, or if you don’t want to take your eyes off the pan, just take your phone out of your pocket and do it. Easy!

Invest In a Smart Oven and Smart Refrigerator

We know appliances like smart ovens and refrigerators can cost up to thousands of dollars, which is why we said invest. These devices bring with them a lot of features that come in pretty handy in the kitchen. For instance smart ovens feature different modes that can cook your dish to perfection, not to mention some of them feature built in cameras that allow you to view your oven from your phone! That’s right, all functions are essentially available on the smartphone applications as is the live video from within the oven.

With smart refrigerators, a lot of them come with touchscreens preinstalled on the door that include multiple applications and allow homeowners to sync and access their other smart devices around the house. You can also use it to watch any kitchen safety smart video on YouTube to learn how to maintain your smart kitchen better. But smart refrigerators aren’t just great for the fancy tech, but also conserve energy and improve food safety by sending alerts if any adjustments to the refrigerator need to be made.

Install Smart Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference in any room. Smart lights in the kitchen however won’t be just be perfect for setting the mood while you cook for your date, but would even come in handy during the times you forgot to turn the lights off in the kitchen before you hit the bed. These lights can also be set to switch on and off based on motion detection in the later hours of the night – that makes it easier for you to walk in for a glass of water without having to look for the light switch while you’re not trying to lose any of your sleep as is.

Use a Smart Speaker

Putting a smart speaker in your kitchen isn’t just for playing music from your playlists and the millions of options on YouTube. Instead, smart speakers are great for syncing other smart devices to, in order to enable voice control for easier control during the times you’re occupied.

Other than that they are also able to sync to your smartphones, and read out and send texts on your behalf. That also means you can have recipes dictated to you as you prep meals!

These are just some of the basic ways that can instantly turn your regular kitchen into a smart one, without the need for any work done to the existing interior. Smart appliances for the kitchen can usually be expensive but they are what should be considered as an investment into your home, just like any other smart device around the house. Smart Thermostats aren’t any cheap either, but the benefits that they bring forth justify the price – in the same way so do smart kitchen appliances!