Different Types of Printers Used By Users of Printers

Different Types of Printers Used By Users of Printers


Printers are used by most of the offices and companies these days and among them, HP printers are most prominent among them. There are different varieties of printers and ink cartridges are used only for inkjet printers.

All printers may not use the same type of ink. Laser printers and inkjet printers may differ because one may use liquid ink while the other type will use toner powder. Also, all inkjet printers may not be the same in all inkjet printers. There are a few inkjet printers that use dye-based ink while some others use pigment-based ink. 

Knowing the various pros and cons of what the printer uses for printing can help us to decide which printer will be best for us. 

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Let us discuss the two most commonly used printers in most of the offices.

Inkjet printers 

These printers use the following 2 main varieties of ink:

  • Dye-based ink

A certain coloration is dissolved in water or glycol so that the dye can flow easily from your printer head to your page. Most of the standard inkjet printers generally use dye-based ink because of its lower cost. 

  • Pigmented ink

This variety of ink can create photo-quality prints that are long-lasting too. Pigment ink can often come in various tones as compared to any standard dye-based ink because they are meant for specialized use with different varieties of paper. 

Maximizing ink performance

If you are using any dye-based inkjet printer, then you can always minimize smears by using certain printing techniques and also printer-appropriate products. Allowing your prints to sit in the output tray of your printer for a few minutes before touching them can offer your ink a little more time to get dry. 

Specially coated papers can also be used which can help you to lock your dye into your sheet to reduce any chance of smudging.

Laser printers

For most office applications, these days you can find laser printers are very commonly used, due to their speed as well as cost-effectiveness. Now, laser printers are also preferred by many home users too because of their economy. 

Especially, this will be true if you are going to print a large number of text documents in black and white prints. You can expect on average, your laser printer is going to print any black and white pages nearly twice faster than inkjet, and that too at half the cost.

A laser printer generally uses a very solid material, known as toner. Once the toner will be stuck to your page inside your printer through an electric charge, the page will pass through a specially heated roller, known as a fuser. The fuser will melt the toner onto your paper at 400°C temperatures so that it will never melt off and the chance of smudging is minimal.